It’s about time we reminded you all which industries we specialize in… so how better to do this than to get our talented consultants to explain in just 90 seconds! Our elevator pitch series allows our consultants 90-seconds to showcase their expertise, credibility and value to help your business.



Kayleigh Best is a Principal Consultant with 3 years of recruitment experience, focusing on Pre-clinical positions within the biotech industry, across the US. In this 90-second pitch, find out how she can help your business.

You can watch the interview here or read the whole conversation below:



To start off Kayleigh, can you introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Kayleigh. I specialize in preclinical positions within US biotech. I’ve been working in this market for almost 3 years now, with a wide network coast-to-coast.


Do you specialise in hiring for a particular type of biotech firm?

I partner with small, scaling biotech’s to hire at all levels, from RA to C-level, building discovery development, translational, and non-clinical teams.


How do you approach building long-term partnerships?

By working with partners as a long-term partner, I aim to fully understand the culture and the needs of your specific business to ensure hiring the right people.

I’ve helped biotech companies to over double their headcount coming out of stealth, working with Operations and HR teams to streamline hiring and have positions filled within four to six weeks.



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