It’s about time we reminded you all which industries we specialize in… so how better to do this than to get our talented consultants to explain in just 90 seconds! Our elevator pitch series allows our consultants 90-seconds to showcase their expertise, credibility and value to help your business.



Tom Swinney is a Consultant with 3 years of recruitment experience, focusing on technical positions within the AI drug discovery space. In this 90-second pitch, find out how he can help your business.

You can watch the interview here or read the whole conversation below:



To start off Tom, can you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name’s Tom, and I work in the AI drug discovery space, with a specific focus on technical positions.


Do you specialise in hiring for a particular type of biotech firm?

Most of my recent success comes from the smaller biotech companies. I’ve been pretty fortunate; I flew out to New York and met many clients and candidates, and got to visit some of the HQ’s, wet labs and dry lab facilities. This allows us to engage closely and form better relationships with your clients.


How do you ensure success throughout the recruitment process? 

For each client and candidate we tailor the experience. Quite recently, we found that a lot of clients for certain positions like a Bioinformatician or a Computational Biologist, will want to showcase some of their work.

Eventually, we need to make sure that both of the parties are happy. We mitigate the task to make sure that everyone’s happy in the end.

We have to remain transparent in every process, C-Suite or Exec-level positions have a lot of RSU’s, liquid stock, illiquid stock or equity. We have to make sure everyone’s on the same page and that there’s no hidden surprises along the way when it comes to the final stages of the process.



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