In rapidly evolving fields such as life sciences and biotechnology, understanding the intricacies of career growth and technological advancement is crucial. That’s why we’re bringing you direct insights from industry experts in our ‘Becoming’ series which spotlights the transformative journeys of professionals in these fast-paced spaces. Our aim is to inspire the full spectrum of talent by sharing the unique career pathways that have led individuals from all walks of life to carve out careers at the intersection of science and technology.

Whether you’re interested in making the shift from academia to industry, looking to climb the career ladder or just keen to hear first-hand experiences of cutting edge technologies in the life sciences and biotech arenas, these stories offer valuable lessons in passion, perseverance, and purpose.

I specialize in connecting life sciences companies with top-tier talent and recently had the opportunity to interview Sunny Trivedi, a senior scientist in spatial biology. Sunny shares his journey from India to the U.S. and delves into the technical aspects of spatial biology that fascinate him.

The conversation reveals a lot about the practical, ethical, and motivational aspects of working in life sciences; from the ‘immediate impact’ one can have when working in the industry as a major advantage of moving from academia, the dual-sided nature of patents, the role of mentors, and the personal attributes needed to thrive in the field, such as passion and adaptability.

Watch the 30-minute interview to take in an enlightening conversation that traverses borders and delves deep into molecules.



We look forward to bring you more inspiring career stories over the coming months. In the meantime, check out our Women Revolutionizing series.