The Challenge

A startup dental aligner manufacturer was launching in the US and as part of its ambitious growth plans, the company needed to establish a field sales team. The startup had already recruited a Head of Sales and planned to build out the team with two Regional Sales Managers and 10+ sales representatives.

The company had little brand awareness and market presence and needed to partner with a recruiter who understood the market and could help the company to devise a strategy for expansion. The CEO was eager to hire individuals from a dental or pharma background, but those individuals with a pharma background were unlikely to have an extensive knowledge of the dental market.

The company’s Head of Sales had previously worked with Invenia Group’s Principal Dental Recruitment Consultant – and after a positive experience, partnered with Invenia Group to build the sales team.

Our Solution

Our team have extensive knowledge of the global dental market and having previously supported a competing business, we understood the industry and what the business was looking for.

The added challenge of recruiting from a pharma background and targeting people with either little knowledge of the dental sector or who may not have considered working for an aligner manufacturer before, meant a direct headhunting approach was needed to engage with each individual and gain strong candidate engagement in the opportunity.

The partnership involved recruiting for several roles at the same time and managing multiple processes whilst supporting the company to manage the interview process internally.


We successfully recruited both regional sales managers as well as three sales representatives for the business. These roles have been critical to the US growth of the startup. In October 2021, sales doubled from the previous month and one of our candidates is now the top performing sales representative in the business.

“I would highly recommend Invenia Group to any company in the dental industry looking for commercial talent in the US. As I needed to hire sales reps for a foreign startup business with no US infrastructure and no brand awareness, attracting talented people was challenging to say the least. The team immediately developed an understanding of the company’s technological advantage in a very competitive landscape and were able to identify the unique elements of the role that would attract the talent we needed. Their knowledge of the market and understanding of the different companies was stellar. Throughout the process, the team acted as a consultant and only headhunting those who would suit our specific requirements... every individual presented really matched what we needed.

Head of Sales

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