The Challenge

An established pharmaceutical company in Europe that develops, manufactures and markets generic medications planned to continue its growth strategy by opening a new subsidiary to target the US generics market. In order to develop and commercialise a portfolio of generic drugs to market, the company was looking for a US General Manager.

With no existing network in the US, the company was referred to Invenia Group by one of its partner companies to assist in the hiring of this business-critical role.

Our Solution

1. Qualified the role – The position was thoroughly qualified with two senior stakeholders in the business to give us a clear understanding of what the company needed.

2. Created an attractive message – We identified and utilised the unique factors of the role to create maximum interest in the position.

3. Utilised our extensive network – We contacted existing individuals within our network to gain interest via word-of-mouth and explore potential referrals from these individuals.

4. Mapped out the market – We mapped out the US generics market to identify talented individuals with the background desired and we headhunted these candidates for this opportunity.

As a new and exploratory role for the organisation, the specification changed partway through the process to be more heavily focused on portfolio development and we adapted our search as needed.

CVs were presented within 2 weeks of qualifying the role, 7 candidates were invited for first stage interviews and 4 candidates were invited to final stage interviews.

As the organisation was new to the US market, we provided additional support to the company by supplying a draft offer letter and contract to the candidate.


The US General Manager was a business-critical role. As the first employee of the US subsidiary, the candidate is now successfully helping the business to understand the new US market they have entered.

This role is pivotal for future growth and now the business has the right individual in place to be able to maximise its profit potential and create a future pipeline of products for the US market.

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