Colorectal Cancer stands as the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the US. Originating from mucosal abnormalities such as polyps or other precancerous growths, early detection through colonoscopies is crucial for preventing the progression of CRC. However, high missed detection rates pose a significant challenge, putting patients at risk even with regular screenings. The potential impact is staggering, with over 13,500 CRC cases in the USA alone that could be prevented with more effective detection methods.

Last year, in a significant stride towards combating Colorectal Cancer (CRC), Magentiq Eye Ltd. received the coveted £510,000 clearance from the FDA for its ground-breaking MagentiqColo solution. This AI-powered software is designed to enhance the accuracy of colonoscopy procedures by detecting lesions in real-time, offering a promising advancement in the field of Adenoma Detection Rate (ADR).

Let’s delve into the importance of the breakthrough:



With the recent FDA clearance, Magentiq Eye Ltd.’s AI-powered software promises real-time detection of lesions during colonoscopy procedures, potentially transforming the landscape of colorectal health. The key focus lies in elevating the Adenoma Detection Rate, a critical metric in identifying precancerous growths and preventing the development of CRC.

However, Magentiq Eye Ltd. is not alone in the pursuit of revolutionizing colorectal health through AI-powered colonoscopy solutions. Several players in the industry are leveraging AI to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of colonoscopy procedures. Some competitors in this space include:


  • Medtronic – GI Genius
  • Satisfai Health – Amicai, Curai
  • Olympus Corporation of the Americas – EndoBRAIN-EYE
  • Wision A.I. (partnered with Micro-Tech Endoscopy) – EndoScreener
  • EndoSoft – Argus
  • Odin Vision (to be acquired by Olympus) – Caddie
  • FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation – CAD-EYE
  • NEC Corporation – WISE VISION


These players are bringing unique features and capabilities to the table. As technology continues to advance, the collaboration between healthcare and AI opens new frontiers in the quest for more accurate and efficient colorectal health screenings.



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