Filter Service is a family-owned distributor of filtration, biological and chromatography laboratory equipment across Belgium. The company reached out to us for assistance in finding two Account Manager positions for two different regions in Belgium – Flanders and Wallonia. These were brand new roles which would enable the team and company to develop and capture the growing demand they were experiencing.


The challenge

The life science company faced several challenges in their search for the right candidates. They required candidates with a specific and technical background in biotechnology, possessing expertise in biochemistry, biologics techniques, and molecular biology.

Not only did they need Account Managers who possessed these technical skills, they more importantly, wanted hires who would fit well into their unique company culture. The client emphasized the importance of hiring candidates who aligned with their company vision and values.

Additionally, they found that being a smaller company with limited brand awareness, they struggled to attract suitable talent. With both positions open for four months resulting in current employees being overwhelmed with work, which in turn was degrading the culture they had worked so hard to build, the company realised they needed help.



To address the challenges and identify potential candidates who matched their requirements, we designed and implemented a bespoke approach for Filter Service.

To help inform candidates despite the company’s brand awareness, we advertised the role across multiple platforms, making sure to promote the company using insights into their culture, career progression opportunities and a showcasing the company’s values and beliefs.

Once we fully understood the brief, we set to work leveraging our extensive network of technical candidates across Belgium, tapping into those with the right levels of experience in the biotech industry. We worked with our client to ensure we fully understood the client’s organizational culture, as well as expectations of their employees, and developed a cultural fit profile based on the insights to match our client with suitable candidates.

After careful selection and screening, we shortlisted three candidates for each position, and through a structured process of interviews and evaluations, we finalised the ideal candidates for both positions.

We vetted both candidates through three rounds of interviews to ensure they aligned with the company’s values, goals and mission and would fit well into the current team. Our intervention significantly sped up the hiring process and resulted in a pool of well-suited candidates within 4 weeks.

Our intervention significantly sped up the hiring process and resulted in a pool of well-suited candidates within 4 weeks.


Fast forward to today, one month following on from the placements, both candidates have already had a hugely positive impact to the team. One candidate, a recent university graduate, was enrolled through training opportunities provided by the company, bringing fresh perspectives to the market. The other candidate, who had been in account management before, brought a range of valuable knowledge and experience to the team. Their attitude and business acumen made them an excellent fit for the company’s specific company culture and vision.

With these crucial roles now filled, the company can focus on meeting the increased demand in the market with a larger workforce. This has improved their ability to deliver quality services to their client base and helped move the company forward.

In the future, Filter Service aims to leverage the expertise and skills of the selected candidates to drive growth and expand their business further. We also continue to partner with the company for their talent acquisition and employer branding needs.



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