In May we celebrated World Digestive Health Day, in which the World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO) seek to increase awareness of the prevention, diagnosis, management and treatment of digestive diseases and disorders.

Having just returned from the DDW conference I had the opportunity to connect with start-up founders, innovators and pioneers in this sector who are working to bring both life-changing and life-saving GI technologies to market. In this blog, let’s delve into some of the under-the-radar start-ups in the digestive health space that you might not know about.


Salvo Health – A tech platform for GI providers and HCPs treating chronic patients through an app including video triage and PROMIS surveys that they can then respond to with treatment options.

Endofotonics – a platform to enable early cancer diagnosis through IVD testing blended with AI technology. The initial focus is on gastric cancer diagnosis.

Cara Care – a platform that empowers individuals with digestive issues including IBD, IBS, GERD and Dyspepsia to take control of their health through therapy app.

Biotyks – a personalised medicine company focussed on the treatment of IBS. Using stool and saliva samples the company develops and provides personalized diet and probiotic supplements based on biologic data.


digestive health xray image


Atlas Endoscopy – a company looking to enhance colonoscopy with a magnetic robotic platform combined with navigation and position tracking for a simpler and safer procedure.

EndoTaggs – A system providing trans-abdominal gastric access for surgical instruments by means of a percutaneous cannula with internal bolster that is positioned endoscopically.

Digbi Health – a digital therapeutics committed to discovering, developing and delivering precision biologics informed by gut microbiome, CGM and genetic testing.

Ergami Endoscopy – developers of a low-cost robotic colonoscope insertion solution to improve procedure efficiency, reduce need for sedation and reduce endoscopy related injuries.

NovaScan – developers of an oncology diagnostic platform for real-time cancer detection with a low-cost, single-use device for pancreatic, lung, breast, biliary and colon cancer.

CoapTech – developers of an ultrasound based solution in bedside gastronomy for safe feeding tube placement.

Atmo Biosciences – an ingestible gas-sensing capsule to assess the health of a patient’s GI system to provide better diagnosis and targeted treatment for motility disorders, IBS, IBD and liver disease.



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