Generative AI is transforming every facet of our economy. The timing couldn’t be better for the healthcare space which is in dire need of innovation, efficiency and affordability solutions. Here are just a few of the many areas of healthcare using the power of generative AI, and companies developing these revolutionary technologies.



  • Calm – A mobile app offering sleep and mindfulness solutions, using AI to personalize content and track user progress.


Chatbots and agents: 
  • eMed Digital Healthcare – AI-powered virtual assistants for symptom checking, triage and connecting patients with health services.
  • Ada Health – Provides AI-powered personalized health information, guidance and potential cases.
  • Woebot Health – an AI chat bot providing CBT for those experiencing depression and anxiety.


  • Paige – A system utilizing generative AI to assist cancer diagnosis progress through pathology slide analysis.




Drug discovery: 
  • Benevolent AI – A platform discovering and developing new drugs by analyzing vast scientific patient datas.
  • Atomwise – A platform using AI for structure-based drug discovery, simulating potential drug interactions with disease targets.


Robotic assisted surgery: 
  • Intuitive – Da Vinci employs AI algorithms during RAS to assist surgeons, provide real-time feedback and enhance surgical precision.
  • Auris Health, Inc. – The system being developed with enhance precision by assisting surgeons to navigate complex anatomical structures.


3D Printing: 
  • Stratasys – Developers of custom prosthetics, surgical models and bioprinting through the use of AI.

This is a pivotal moment for healthcare and as an industry we must finely balance the enormous benefits of AI with ensuring there are no data biases, there is health equity for patients around the world in accessing these technologies and the interface with human decision-making. The future lies in human-AI collaboration and in utilizing the incredible power of AI to embrace a healthcare paradigm shift.



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