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Hollie Bevan joined Invenia Group in 2021 as part of our medical devices team, specialising in neurology medical devices. You may know that her background is in biomedical science; you may not know about her swimming prowess or recent musical achievement…

You can watch the interview here or read the whole conversation below:




To start off Hollie, can you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Hollie. I’m a recruitment consultant in the medical device industry and I’ve worked here for about a year now.


What drew you to the medical device industry?

I have a biomedical science background from when I was at uni and, within medical devices, I work specifically in neurology, which is again very much from my background. During university I was very drawn to neurosciences; I actually wrote my dissertation on Parkinson’s disease, which is a neurodegenerative disorder. After that, I worked with people in a dementia nursing home and so I also had clinical experience with neurodegenerative diseases there as well. And that’s why I work in neurology medical devices now.


What’s the most-used app on your phone?

Umm, I would say it’s probably iMessages… but I’m not actually sure.


What’s on your bucket list?

I like to swim – on a morning generally – and I think a good thing for me to aim for at some point in the future would be a long open-water swim of some kind. I’ve thought about swimming the English Channel – it’s 21 miles though, so not sure how long I’d have to train for that one! But that is on the bucket list.


What’s a work-related accomplishment you’re really proud of?

My first 360 recruitment placement I was really happy with. After a very long process, the candidate was very happy, and it just felt really fulfilling that they were happy.


What’s something people don’t know about you?

I’ve just completed my Grade 1 cello! Having been playing cello for about a year, I’ve just completed my Grade 1 with a distinction and I’m moving on to Grade 2. I always was like, “I don’t have the time, I don’t have the means” or whatever, and then I just thought, “I actually do have the time, I do have the means, so why not?”.


Who’s your most-listened to artist on Spotify?

Bit of a mixture, I think. Adele, Lizzo, Frank Ocean. I love Frank Ocean, he’s my favourite.


What are your professional goals and how do you hope to achieve them?

I would like to progress to become a Senior Recruitment Consultant in the future, and how I would do that is by continuing to speak to people in my network, bringing on new roles, speaking to other candidates far and wide in the market and really developing my skills along the way.


What drew you to recruitment?

I feel like I very much fell into recruitment. There was no official plan whereby I was looking to go into it, I was headhunted and came into this role and I’m very grateful for it because I’m very happy.


How do you like to start your day?

I’d like to say that I go to the gym or swim every day – some days I do just roll out of bed and come to work. But most days I try to go for a swim or go to the gym.


What’s your favourite thing about your job?

I think the culture here and the people I work with are really, really important and I’m lucky enough to work with some amazing people. As well as that, in the market I work in there are a lot of innovative and new technologies, which breeds a lot of excitement in the space and speaking to people who are passionate about those technologies is probably the best part of my job.


What do you have on your toast?

I haven’t actually eaten toast for quite a long time. I’d probably go classic: Lurpak butter and Marmite.


What are your day-to-day tasks?

So as a 360-degree recruitment consultant, my tasks vary between anything client and candidate-related. So that involves bringing on new clients, speaking with some of the most innovative leaders in the marketplace as well as to really talented candidates who are looking for their next step and opportunity.


How do you like to use the company’s flexible working policy?

Often when I work at home, I will take my dog for a walk at lunch, which is a really nice perk because I often won’t see him until the evenings when I’m working in the office.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

I would say not to worry about things that are out of your control.



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