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As part of our Executive Recruiter Hollie Bevan’s ‘Neurobites’ content over on LinkedIn, Hollie interviewed Co-Founder and CTO of Nexstem Deepansh Goyal, to learn more about their current EEG headset and software platform technology, and how they plan to make EEG more accessible, affordable and effective. Read the full interview below.



Deepansh Goyal is the Co-Founder and CTO at Nexstem, a trailblazer in the neurotechnology space. As a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Deepansh’s unrivalled knowledge in developing assistive technologies has played a crucial role in developing the award-winning ‘Nexstem headset’, along with his co-founder Siddhant Dangi. In this interview, we delve into Nexstem’s unique technology, its value adds, and the journey to creating this innovation.


What inspired the creation of Nexstem?

In our college days, both me and my Co-Founder Siddhant were very enthusiastic about robotics – we used to build a lot of things for fun. In that process, the both of us had an inclination towards developing system technologies because we really liked creating a complete device that is important and useful for people in need of it. We never thought of it as starting a company, but when we got introduced to brain computer interfaces and neuroscience and wanted to apply it to a prosthetic arm initially. We then pivoted to make a comprehensive ecosystem of hardware and software solutions i.e. Nexstem Instinct. That’s how the whole journey began! We saw a clear opportunity in significantly improving EEG technologies, making them more accessible, affordable, and effective.


Could you describe the premise of the product and where it all began?

Nexstem is a disrupting innovator in Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology, with a mission to revolutionize the fields of neuroscience, healthcare, education, gaming, and beyond through their comprehensive BCI ecosystem.

When my co-founder Siddhant and I started Nexstem, we were not planning on building our own headset, we were basically building a prosthetic arm that was directly controlled using thoughts. We started using other hardware devices, and other acquisition systems that were present in the market. When existing hardware fell short, either providing low-quality signals or being prohibitively expensive, our solution was to create the Nexstem Instinct headset, offering high-quality EEG signals at an affordable price.


nexstem headset tech


How does your technology differentiate from existing solutions?

We’ve integrated a closed-loop algorithm that personalizes neurofeedback loops in real-time. This approach is not just an improvement—it’s a complete redefinition of neurotechnology capabilities, offering unprecedented precision and adaptability. To be honest, being a fairly new company in BCI space, we are not stressed about having to compete with decade old giants as our approach towards BCI technology is different. There are devices who have picked up their own specialized verticals, but our device is basically a way to democratize the whole space so these companies, in the future, can use our technology. So we don’t consider anybody as competition, rather a important element in expanding the horizon of BCI market and Nexstem can act as catalyst to work along side others using our offerings.


What benefits does your technology bring to the market?

Our 19-channel system caters to various needs, enabling customization for specific applications. The InstinctOS allows easy application development and distribution from Neurofeedback companies. These companies can quickly develop, test, and deploy algorithms, reducing the time from concept to product significantly compared to traditional methods. Users can experience a seamless and intuitive interactions with brain data that feels natural and effortless. Our technology significantly reduces the barriers to easy access of quality EEG data, making it a viable option for both clinical and non-clinical settings.


What trends in neurotechnology are you leveraging?

We are at the forefront of several key trends, including the miniaturization of medical devices and the integration of AI in neurofeedback systems.
These trends help us stay ahead by enabling more personalized and accessible neurotech solutions.


What’s next for Nexstem?

We’re interested in expanding into the psychiatric and healthcare market in the future, but our current focus is on product quality testing, establishing testing branches, and setting up our supply chain. While our device is well-suited for medical use, obtaining certifications and clearances for medical applications is not our priority this year. Instead, we plan to collaborate with existing companies in the healthcare sector once we have certifications and partnerships in place. We’re gearing up to launch beta version of our platform this year, collaborating closely with a select few customers for feedback and development. After the successful beta phase, we will gear up to launch the Nexstem Instinct to wider audience globally.


How do you see your company shaping the future of the industry?

Our vision is to create a world where neurotechnology can seamlessly integrate into daily life, enhancing the human machine interactions without the technical limitations currently faced by the industry. We’re convinced our innovations will redefine the meaning of being human..


What drives you personally in this venture?

I’m driven by the potential to make a significant impact on people’s lives. Seeing our technology enable users to interact with the world in new and profound ways is deeply fulfilling and motivates me every day.


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