A globally renowned Swiss manufacturing company faced a critical challenge in building a new team for its Benelux operations. The need for three key positions – Service Engineer Benelux, Account Manager Netherlands and Account Manager Belgium – arose due to a strategic shift from using distributors to direct sales. The urgency stemmed from the  expiration of their distributor contract by January 2024, requiring a complete team to ensure a seamless transition.


As well as the unique requirements of the roles – such as an entrepreneurial mindset, a deep understanding of the lab equipment space and cultural fit, and with a pioneering project on the horizon, the company needed motivated individuals capable of driving success for this new venture.

Challenges also arose from the bilingual nature of the Belgium role and the broader goal of setting up a dedicated sales team for Benelux within a specific timeframe.


In response to the company’s complex recruitment needs, our team implemented a strategic solution. Leveraging our network and expertise, we initiated an in-depth recruitment process, conducting numerous interviews to ensure candidates not only possessed the required technical skills but also aligned culturally with the company’s vision. The process began in September, and by December, two hires were successfully placed, with one starting in January and another in March. A third role was later added to complete the team.

Our interventions included a meticulous selection process, timely shortlisting, and a tailored interview approach to identify individuals with the necessary entrepreneurial mindset. The proactive approach, aligned with the company goals set us apart in addressing the challenges presented by the new project.



The candidates proved to be ideal fits for their respective roles, with both candidates already in post, the company now has a dedicated team ready to propel its Benelux operations forward. This timely fulfilment directly addresses the company’s strategic goal of transitioning to direct sales and positions them to respond effectively to market demand. The new team ensures a smooth transition to direct sales in Benelux, providing the foundation for continued expansion over the next 2-3 years.

What’s Next:

We are poised to continue supporting this organisations growth by assisting in future recruitment efforts. With a referral to the US department and ongoing collaboration, our services are set to contribute to the expansion of this company’s European team.

“Revna is a true professional who is able to guide her candidates from A to Z to a new project, not only through her great knowledge of the market but also through a very meticulous follow-up. It was because of her persuasiveness and determination, that she could put me in touch with my new employer. A dream project for which I am very grateful to her!”



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