In 2021, our colleague and friend Simone Taylor sadly passed away from triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) at the age of 32. Triple-negative breast cancer is a particularly aggressive and devastating form of the disease, which mostly occurs in women under 50. There are fewer targeted treatments for the disease and more research is desperately needed to develop new drugs and treatments.

Raising money to support cancer charities was a cause very close to Simone’s heart. The Simone Taylor Fund will donate to a variety of cancer charities selected by her family and colleagues. These charities support genetic diagnosis, scientific discovery and research, the development of new treatments or help those currently living with cancer.


Raising money for the Simone Taylor Fund is something we pride ourselves on at Invenia Group. Our charity team are continuously looking at fundraising events for our teams, and looking to improve our fundraising success year on year.

This year, our Marketing Executive Jenna Armitage took on the London Landmarks Half Marathon on the 7th April, raising money for Target Ovarian Cancer, one of our selected cancer charities. After vigorous training schedules, Jenna completed her first half marathon in 2 hours 30 minutes, and managed to raise an incredible £383 for Target Ovarian Cancer in the process! A huge congratulations!